Inside Edition; Featured bird expert; May 27, 2015.

Inside Edition, October 9, 2014

Inside Edition; Featured bird expert; April 23, 2012.

The Martha Stewart Show; Bunny Breeds 101; Hallmark Channel; April 5, 2012.

The Martha Stewart Show; Exotic Pets; Hallmark Channel; March 7, 2012.

Pet Keeping with Marc Marrone: Keeping your ferret healthy; Hallmark Channel; Jan 19, 2012.

Pet Keeping with Marc Marrone: The health needs of nocturnal pets; Hallmark Channel; Jan 19, 2012.

The Doctors; Exotic animals; CBS; April 20, 2011.

The Doctors; Exotic animals and your health; April 20, 2011.

Pets 101: Little Pets & Peculiar Pets; Animal Planet Network; Dec 11, 2010, separate shows recorded on rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, pet pigs, guinea pigs, hamsters, pygmy goats, pet skunks, and geckos.

The Willis Report; FOX Business Network; 2010.

Faithful Friends 3rd Episode; Animal Planet Network; April 27, 2008.

48 Hours News Magazine: the Animal Medical Center in New York City; CBS; 1998.


Dr. Laurie Hess - Regional television:

The Pet Show; ABC News (WJLA); May 31, 2014.

The Pet Show; ABC News (WJLA); February 7, 2014.

Good Day Street Talk; FOX-TV New York; March 28, 2013.

Morning News; WPIX-TV New York; Jan 31, 2013.

Good Day Street Talk; FOX-TV New York; Nov 29, 2012.

Pet Talk; News Channel 12 Connecticut; Feb 9, 2012.

Good Day Street Talk; FOX-TV New York; August 6, 2011.

Morning News; WPIX-TV New York; July 12, 2011.

Exotic Pet Vet; Regional News Network (RNN); weekly segments, 2007-2008, separate shows recorded with a blue-tongued skink, tree frog, short-tailed opossum, king snake, hooded rat, Uromastyx lizard, and a dove.

Dr. Laurie Hess - Online News Blogs

For, 50 videos covering a variety of bird care topics ranging from “How to Get Pet Parrots Talking Like Humans,” to “Common Bird Illnesses.”

For the American Animal Hospital Association, blog recorded titled, “Ferret living with cancer,” and another, “Prepping a rabbit for surgery,” on March 16, 2011.

Dr. Laurie Hess - Broadcast Radio

WAMU 88.5 FM: Washington, D.C., The Animal House; 2013.

KXRA 1490 AM; Alexandria, MN; 2013.

Sirius XM 110; Martha Stewart Radio; Ask Marc the Pet Keeper; Winter Care with Exotic Pets; Nov 16, 2012.

KFAV 99.9FM; St. Louis, Missouri; Animal Talk with Dr. Mark Lucas; 2012.

WAMU 88.5FM; Washington, D.C.; The Animal House; 2012.

WSJS 600AM; Greensboro/Winston Salem, North Carolina; The Afternoon Show; 2012.

WSNJ 1240AM; Millville, New Jersey; The Morning Show with Brandon and Erica; 2012.

KGLO 1300AM; Mason City, Iowa; The Midday Show with Mark Dorenkamp; 2012.

WHFS 1580AM; CBS Radio; Washington, DC; The Business of Wisdom; 2011.

CKWR 98.5FM; Waterloo, Ontario; KW Magazine; 2011.

WUTQ 100.7FM; Utica, New York; Talk of the Town with Mark Piersma; 2011

WOCM 98.1FM; Ocean City, Maryland; Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show; 2011.

WKBN 570AM; Youngstown, Ohio; The Rick Bergman Show; 2011.

WSHW Shine 99.7FM; North Central, Indiana; Indiana Packers Morning Show; 2011.

KOA 850AM; Denver, Colorado; The Colorado Morning News; 2011.

KAHI 950AM; Auburn, California; Popoff with Mary Jane Pop; 2011.

WCHE 1520AM; West Chester, Pennsylvania; The Brynn Project with Brynn McHenry; 2011.

WJOL 1340AM; Chicago, Illinois; Friends Over Fifty with Ed Kerfin; 2011.

94 Rock 94.7FM; Norfolk, Nebraska; Morning with Mookie; 2011.

KLWN-AM; Lawrence, Kansas; Lewis at Large; 2011.

KVEL 920AM; Vernal, Utah; The Lincoln Brown Show; 2011.

CJAD 800AM; Montreal, Quebec; The Tommy Schnurmacher Show; 2011.

WGHQ 920AM/WBNR 1260AM/WLNA 1420AM; Wappingers Falls, NY; Family Pet Time with Dr. Joe; 2010-2012.

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